Thursday, October 27, 2011

My first post ever!

   Ok, so I have never had a blog before but I thought this might be fun to keep track of what is going on in my world with my favorite hobby... crocheting.
   Crocheting is not only my favorite pastime, it is also my art, my expression, and my escape from stress and reality.   Sometimes I am creative and simply make what I see in my head.  When this happens, you might find unique, hopefully cool, designs here.  Other times, I know what I want but find it easier to use another designer's awesome pattern to bring it to life.  You will likely find links and pictures here for that.
   What else might you find?  Well, though I am dedicating this blog to crochet, you might find just about anything from the rambling I am doing right now to the venting that comes naturally as a mother to five great, but normal, kids.  You might find recipes as I experiment with new and better ways of eating.  And you might find a friend, someone you can relate to, someone a lot like you.
   Whatever you are looking for, I hope you do find it and I hope you visit often.  :)

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