Thursday, March 29, 2012

SUPER SQUISHYS - Meet Captain Squishy Pants!!!

LOL  ok, here's the deal.  I was in this great amigurumi swap on Crochetville and my swap partner tells me that she really loves the super heroes (television, movies, comics, etc.).  Anyway, I love designing my own stuff and really wanted to do something special for my partner because it was her first ever swap so... Meet Captain Squishy Pants!!!

The captain was created from my very own original design using worsted weight yarn and a little felt to make his star, belt buckle, and letter A (for amigurumi, of course).

One more note from the captain himself... he has heard it said that he resembles a certain copyrighted super hero with whom he has absolutely no affiliation, and he wants to set the record straight.  You have it backwards!  That aforementioned super hero has a slight resemblance to Captain Squishy Pants, not the other way around, and Squishy, of course, is much better looking!!!


  1. He is amazing. I could see a whole line of "new" heroes emerging.

  2. Are you selling or giving away the pattern? If not, he can be anyone you want him to be! LOL