Monday, July 23, 2012

"Rainbow" - Maraya's Birthday Bear

Hi Friends!  Today my granddaughter, Maraya, turned two-years-old.  I had made all sorts of plans for her birthday, but my surgery last week cut into my crafting time so to speak.  Anyway, I did manage to finish her birthday bear.  My husband calls this pretty little bear "Rainbow Sherbet".  Maraya has shortened it to just "Rainbow".

She was made using a skein of yarn from my unknown drawer, meaning I have no idea of brand, type, or even where I got it.  Her muzzle, ears, hands, and feet were done in Sugar'n Cream Ombres "Playtime".  The pattern I used was Teddy Bear from the Lion Brand Yarn website.  It is a free pattern, easy to follow, and turns out so cute!

And, just for fun, here are some more pictures of my pretty little birthday girl!


  1. So sweet! (both the bear AND the child!)

  2. Your granddaughter and bear are so cute. I remember the first amigurumi I made was a teddy bear from Lion brand site as well. I stuffed it with recycled plastic bags. :)

    1. Thanks. They do have some very nice, free patterns. I have made several of their free ami patterns and they always turn out nice. :)

  3. I am sure Rainbow is going to be a life long friend. She is lucky to have a grandma who loves ami's.