Monday, December 24, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me!!!


Yep, that's today!  I am officially 29 years old... again!  lol

Oh, and MERRY CHRISTMAS too!!!

So, what did we do today?  Well, we had our traditional Christmas Eve breakfast at our house with my mom, my sister Kimberly, my Uncle Philip and his wife Iris, and a surprise visit from my sister Melissa!  My mom gave my husband and I a table top poker set that is way too awesome and my sister brought me a beautiful Nikon camera for my birthday!

After that, we opened the rest of my birthday gifts:

Santa and Nutcracker banks from the kids - these were filled with yummy cookies!

Wonderfile from Dale - So cool!

I also got a beautiful sweater vest from my mom a few weeks ago as an early birthday present.  I will try and take a picture of it a little later and post it tomorrow.

AND we opened our Christmas gifts (yes, on Christmas Eve - every year!  lol)!  I was totally spoiled this year!  I got:

the serger I have been wanting for ages!!!

and a travel case for the serger or my sewing machine!

I also got a custom made header for this blog, made by my fourteen-year-old son, Jeremy (you can see this above).  I absolutely love this!!!

What a day!  I am too happy!  :)

I hope you all have as wonderful a Christmas as I have and get to spend lots of time relaxing and doing your favorite things!  Now, I hear crochet hooks calling my name!  See you later!

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