Friday, January 2, 2015

A Bird in the Hand... or on the hook...

     A friend made a request yesterday for an amigurumi parrot.  I found this pattern and it was just what she wanted.  Last night I purchased the pattern and OH MY GOODNESS!!!  It is 44 pages long!  Granted, I only need 32 or 33 of the pages myself (I don't work from diagrams/charts) but I have to admit that the pattern is rather complicated.  Ah well, I love a challenge and I am super excited that I have the necessary yarn in my stash.  
     The two grandbabies who are not currently living with me, 3-year-old Colton and 15-month-old Kalex, are here visiting for the weekend so crocheting time has been limited.  Colton wants to play with the yarn balls and Kalex thinks my lap is his personal seat.  lol  It's ok, though.  I have missed them both like crazy.  Anyway, I have only managed 11 rounds of the parrot today and right now he honestly looks a little funny.  I don't have any pictures this evening but I will post some tomorrow.  I will show you what he is supposed to look like when he is done though.  Remember, this is not my picture.  It belongs to the pattern designer and can be found at the link up there ^^ ^^.
Isn't he beautiful?
     For tonight, however, I am exhausted and I hear my bed calling me.  Thanks for stopping by.  Remember to check back in for progress pics as my parrot comes to fruition.  :)

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