Thursday, January 1, 2015

I'm back and 2015 is going to be MY year!!!

I have a couple of projects to share with you that came straight from my stash.  On Christmas Eve (my birthday, by the way), my wonderful sister brought me a bag of crochet yarn her boss had given her to pass on to me.  It was mostly left-overs and scraps.  You other crocheters out there know how it goes.  Someone stops crocheting or a crocheter passes away or whatever and there is always that bit of older yarn that no one lays claim to that you wind up giving away.  I have a lot of it in my stash because I NEVER pass up on yarn.  I love it all and one day will use it all!
     Anyway, I have this bag of yarn that my sister brought me and now I am determined to use it up.  So far, I have made two hats and a scarf.  This first hat was made holding a strand of a worsted weight red (not sure of the brand but it's not incredibly soft so I am thinking maybe RHSS or something similar) and a strand of some kind of red furry stuff (similar to fun fur) together and using a J hook.  I based it on the pattern at but made several modifications to the pattern.  My mother has already laid claim to this hat.  :D

Next, we have the other hat and the scarf that I created using a skein of Homespun in the Harvest colorway that was also in the bag of yarn.  This hat was based VERY loosely on a pattern I found online, but now I cannot find it again.  The scarf was part of that online pattern as well.  If I find it I promise I will give credit!  

This scarf was a first for me.  I have never made one this short before.  :)
     I hope you have enjoyed all the eye candy and I want to thank you all for stopping by.  Happy New Year and I pray that you have a safe and prosperous new year!  God bless!

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